Galaxy Girls – The first prototype

Galaxy Girls Logo Version01

Since this is my first real dev post about Galaxy Girls, i already have some stuff done, which i may didn’t mentioned but will in the future.

Shop System in Galaxy Girls

I have integrated a shop system in Galaxy Girls at this stage of developement. This means the player is already able to spend credits and cash credits already.

The First Prototye in Galaxy Girls

There is one stage fully playable already, so the touch input control works good for now. I might change this later. At the moment you have to drag the ship around.

AI, AI damage & Pathfinding

The AI or enemys are spawning from diferent spawnpoints and following predefined paths. Currently i have 7 paths which will be choosen randomly.Some AI’s or enemy are able to shoot, others don’t.

Problems i encountered

The path creation was a bit tricky, but now i can create the paths directly in the scene, to create even more paths.

Dev video

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Galaxy Girls – New Dev Blog

Welcome to the Galaxy Girls Dev Blog.

Galaxy Girls Logo Version01

Since i have this new website i decided to recreate the dev blog here. The old blog on Blogger will not be feeded with any infos anymore. First i will recreate the old dev blog entrys of Galaxy Girls here. Newer content will come, once Galaxy Girls gets more updates.

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Unity Particle System Tutorial: Circles with Code

If you have read my other Unity Particle System Tutorial: Circle Motion you might have noticed doing all that stuff by hand can take some minutes. Also you need to calculate every point beforehand.

The cool thing about using code is you can use a frequency(a repeatrate) and even a amplitude (the value height -1.0f,1.0f). So you can easy enter a frequency of 100 so you will 100 cicles without touching the curves by hand which saves alot time. also you could increment amplitude over time or change to your needs to create tornados or other shapes. So accuracy and usability are the most important key features in terms of coding, which you might not be able to provide by hand.

Here is the tutorial: Unity Particle System Tutorial: Circles with Code