Unity Asset: Neon Tetra – 3D Model

Neon Tetra is a very popular aquarium fish, which is well suited for underwater scenes, especially in clear water.

Neon Tetra OctoMan

This 3D model consists of only 284 polygons. Neon Tetra is fully rigged, with the exception of the dorsal fin. Currently there is only one swimming animation. If you need more animations, please ask. You are free to create your own animation and use those.

Furthermore this package has a schooling / flocking system. This means that the Neon Tetra with 2 supplied scripts has the ability to form flocks, to join swarms and avoid other fish. In addition, he always swims away from other collision objects once it encounters them.

Following *.GIF is 3MB. Please let it load for a small preview.

Neon Tetra Flock System Unity OctoMan


★ 284 polys
★ Fully Rigged except dorsal fin
★ Schooling / Flocking Scripts
★ Diffuse + Specular Map 2048px
★ 1 Swim Animation
★ Uses Mechanim
★ 1 Aquarium Tank Prefab (made in Unity)

Price & Download

Unity Asset Store Link:  http://u3d.as/sQh

Price: $10

Unity Asset: Bubbles Particle System

This package contains 4 prefabs of bubbles which are created with the Unity Shuriken Particle System. It can be used in scenes as filler objects or used as shots.


1.) A mix of bubbles small & big with X and Y-Axis bubble Motion.

Unity Particle Bubbles BubbleMix OctoMan
2.) Normal Bubbles which also have the Bubble Motion on it, and also have Bubble Burst in it. The Burst will use the same texture.

Unity Particle Bubbles BubbleBurst OctoMan
3.) And a simple 3D Caldron with green tinted bubbles coming out of it. The Caldron is UVW mapped and textured. The *.PSD for the texture is in there too, so you can change the colors to your needs, or even add more details.

Unity Particle Bubbles Caldron OctoMan
4.) A cone stream of Bubbles, for holes in the ground or such.
Unity Particle Bubbles BubbleStream OctoMan
It contains the original *.SVG file of the Bubble. There are already 2 texture types exported. The Alpha Blended and the Additive In the Textures Folder.


none yet…

Download & Price

Unity Asset Store Link: Bubbles

Price: $5

Unity Asset: Level Manager

Level Manager is …

a Level Selector which creates buttons dynamicly created from a prefab to load your game levels. It makes use of the new Unity UI Canvas System.
There is a sample scene and 2 loadable levels already setup to test it out.

a Level Unlocker to unlock new levels, when saved the next to be unlocked.
It uses PlayerPrefs to save scores and the next level to be unlocked.

a Level Saver since it provides a dynamic save system for score, and levels to be unlocked

You are able to choose any kind of layout group in this level manager. So you can use the Horizontal Layout Group, the Vertical Layout Group and as seen in the screenshot below, the Grid Layout Group.

All code is written in C#.

★ Easy to setup
★ works in 4.6+ (new UI)
★ coded to work in 5.3 (SceneManager)
★ integrated star system
★ integrated dynamic save & load system
★ Free 9-Sliced PSD for Panels and Backgrounds

Setup Tutorials:

This tutorials are mostly requests by purchaser of Level Manager.

Planned Content:

Currently i’m working on a world integration, so levels and worlds can work together. The downside would be, all your previous work and save states would be obsolete! Also i try to make the setup easier than it currently is and i might implement levelnames to show/ hide and Images and different backgrounds, as those have been requested already.


Screenshots of Level Manager

unity level manager preview1 OctoMan

Download Level Manager

Unity Asset: Candle Flames

This package contains candles with flames using the shuriken particle system. The texture sheet is handmade, and looks realistic. The Candles are not UVW-mapped, They just got materials on them, yet. If requested i’ll change that.


Unity Asset - Candle Flames - OctoMan


Download & Price

Unity Asset Store Link: Candle Flames

Price: $5