Color Maze – First Trailer

So here is the first actual gameplay trailer for Color Maze. The first release will be for Android in the Google App Store.

What’s done so far:

  • The first tutorial levels to get into the game.
  • The first 7 pen world levels with different difficulties.
  • The level select.
  • Mastery of level by aquiring all stars per world.

So stay tuned for more.

Color Maze – Level Creator

Since creating Levels everytime from scratch can take rather long for a “one man army” like me, i decided to create a Level Creator for Color Maze. Actually it provides me with some random maps, which already have floor tiles, walls, goals and and players according to my setups.

Also “Editor Scripting” makes my live more easy in setting up basic setups at all.

So i can determine Playfield Size, Player Amount and even the look of the levels, if i for example later want another design i can change the used Prefabs as well.

Not always perfect, but just a single click, to get some ideas for new Levels.

If i like a setup, i “just” need to add Buttons, Doors, Elevators and test the Level. Completely automating Level creation including all riddles as well, would take way more time, since i’d have to write a complete different creator, which already needs to check if a Level would be beatable.

When it comes to editor scripting i just use some simple lines of code,to call my functions to create my levels inside the editor. To remember that maybe for later projects i will copy some code here.

 using System.Collections;
 using System.Collections.Generic;
 using UnityEngine;
 using UnityEditor;
 public class LevelBuilder : Editor {
     public override void OnInspectorGUI()
         LevelCreator myScript = (LevelCreator)target;
         if (GUILayout.Button("Create Level"))
         if (GUILayout.Button("Clear All"))

So this creates 2 Buttons seen in the top, and calls the functions in my LevelCreator Script.

Color Maze – Elevators

In Color Maze i added a new feature called Elevators. I created a simple to setup Elevator Set with different colors. Also i used some Editor Scripting to make the handling easier for me in development.

So the idea is the same as with the doors.

  • Hop on an Elevator Switch to make the Elevator move.
  • Also i can use them as moving platforms aswell.
  • Copy the Button to have Multiple Access to just one Elevator.

But the Problem i encountered was, walking over or under gaps and elevators even If the elevator wasn’t there.
So i created Elevator Blockers to Block the Player to move under or over gaps if the Elevator is not there.

Color Maze – The Art Style

Since this a game about colors in a color maze game, i decided to create pencil Walls, directly mobile optimized so with all important optimizing steps.

  • 1 Texture Atlas
  • 1 Material
  • Later on i got rid of Shadows as well.

Also i added Modile Input so instead of swiping your fingers to dead, i added Buttons to easy navigate through the mazes. Actually there is also Keyboard input so i can mazes faster/easier.
I am also struggling with a design decision. Should i use Characters or keep on using Boxes?

Does it make change in gameplay? Well the answer is NO! But still i’m not sure if the player experience would be better it becomes more appealing instead of just a P-Box.
Well i will keep thinking about this while processing through.

Color Maze Development Blog

Color Maze – An idea was born

It’s about a month ago, i started to create some tutorials for a patron. From that i created the idea, why not create a puzzle game which includes switches like in Tomb Raider or Zelda, but in this case using colors only. So i stated the first prototypes while i though about functionality and how to expand the system. So i used basic shapes from unity and added simple Materials and started coding on the Tile Based Movement and the Game Manager which controls the doors and goals.

Since i already knew i want this to become a mobile game i create player switch buttons. So an idea was born which might drive me forward and makes a cool game later on.

Color Maze Development Blog