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3D Model: Hydraulic Excavator EC 180

This is a rigged and animated hydraulic excavator with a rather low polycount. All important pieces are UV-Mapped, some just use materials, like cables, hydraulic pipes. Also i added 2 basics scripts to steer the excavator.



★ 11649 polys
★ Rigged & Pre-animated
★ Basic Script for Movement & Working
★ Diffuse + Normal Map 4096px
★ 5 Animations
★ Uses Mechanim
★ already working Prefab


★ BigArm Open/Close
★ SmallArm Open/Close
★ Shovel Open/Close
★ Rotate Top 360°
★ Door Open/Close
All cables are rigged and baked into the existing animations.
The model used 5 different materials, because not all elements are unwrapped! If needed i unwrap needed pieces too.


The scripts provide:
★ Working Mode / Driving Mode (Button TAB)
★ Open / Close Door (F Button)
In Drive Mode:
★ Turn Left Forward / Backwards(Q & A Buttons)
In Working Mode:
★ Big Arm Up / Down (W & S Button)
★ Small Arm Up / Down (Arrow Up / Down)
★ Shovel Up / Down (Arrow Left / Right)
★ Rotate Upper Part (A & D Buttons)
Those scripts are not smoothly optimised, just a base to begin with!


drivingpromo doorpromo bigarmpromo switchpromo smallarmpromo shovelpromo rotatepromo



Unity Forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/3d-model-hydraulic-excavator-ec-180-wip.424785/

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