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Unity Asset: Simple Quest Manager

Simple Quest Manager is an easy to setup and quick solution to create your own quests for your games in minutes.



★ Create your quests directly in the Inspector
★ No coding required
★ Quests can be taken and completed by differend NPC’s
★ You can create Chain Quests (unlock quests by completing others)
★ Currently only 1 Questobjective supported
★ You can save/load all Quests and their states at any point you want.
★ QuestObjectives are updated with just one line of code.

★ Rewards need to be setup on your own, depending on your systems like inventory/exp/currency

★ 1 Demo Scene (see Image above)
3d Models included:
★ 1 Low Poly Chara (walk and idle) 1 LowPoly NPC (wink anim)
★ 1 Low Poly Tree
★ 1 Low Poly Barn
★ 1 Low Poly Fence
★ 1 Low Poly Key


Just 6 Scripts are driving the complete System.


Demo Video

Setup Guide

coming soon….

Setup Guides

Documention & Manual


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Price & Download

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