Galaxy Girls FAQ

Galaxy Girls Main Screen

What is Galaxy Girls?

Galaxy Girls is an anime driver/styled shoot’em up. Battle through alot waves of AI ships in the campain mode. Earn credits and upgrade your ship with new weapons, equipmenz and abilitys.

On which platform can i play it?

The first release will be on android. Maybe later i will release it on IOS.

How to Play?

Drag around the ship with your mouse to aim the enemy ships. When you start dragging the ship will automatically fire all bullets/rockets and other weapon shots you purchased already. Make sure you avoid all enemy bullets.

To win a level you need to survive all waves of upcoming enemy ships.

How many game modes will be there?

Currently planned is a campain mode with at least 3 modes: Easy,Normal, Hard.

Will there be other ships to play?

Maybe 4 ships are playable

Which game engine is Galaxy Girls made with?

Unity Engine.

How much does Galaxy Girls cost?

The game will be free, but will include in-app purchases.

When do you release it?

Currently i have no fixed date, but i will post about it once i’m sure about it!


How to use shields and other powerups?

There be buttons in the game screen, which will show you the amount yu have. You just need to press them once needed.

Will there be a Leaderboard?

I’m not sure yet if this is needed, but maybe for the level you reached, Or complete score you achieved.