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Let’s make your Dream Game a Reality!!!

Welcome to octomangames.com. On this website you’ll find Assets, Tutorials and Courses about or for the Unity Game Engine made by me, OctoMan.

Since i am also teacher on Youtube as well as on Udemy, you can also now hire me to get your own Game done. I can help you with the following:

  • Creating a prototype for your game idea
  • Helping you with Scripts (C# only)
  • Implementing or creating new Systems for your Game
  • IAP integration (Google Playstore)
  • Unity Ads integration
  • debugging problems you may have.
  • Modelling Furniture (realistic) or other 3D game assets
  • Live teaching (Unity)
  • Problem solving (Unity)
  • and much more…

Interested? Contact me today with your idea and concept and let’s start today to make your dream Game a Reality!