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Game Prototyping

I offer a Service where i create a Prototype of a game for you. This Service usually takes a lot time, based on the ideas you are after. I don’t create “everthing”.

How does it work?

First of you have to contact me and tell me everything about the game you want to create. Maybe it’s just part of a game or just a new system? No problem, i can even help with that.

Once i understand what you are after, with screenshots and stuff, i start to work on it.

Example: You want a space shooter. I create the prototype with all your requests.
Example: You want a Gachapon System. I create the base for it, so you just need to fill in Grafics.


Basic Systems: start at 249€
Small Game Prototypes: start at 499€

Usually i do pricing individually, based on the size of the Project.
Usually payment has to be done in advance, but can be split 50/50 in bigger ones.