Unity Asset: Color Switcher

Color Switcher is a small script written in C#.

Color Switcher will switch or fade through as many main colors of GameObject/ 3D-Models as you like with a given interval between the colors. Color Switcher has a Editor Script which makes it easier to handle all inputs. You can enable several Color Switcher at the save time for syncing them in runtime. You can reverse the order  depending on the Element you start.

Color Switcher will loop through all given colors until you stop it. For Example it starts at Color 1 , goes through all following and once completed it starts again at Color 1. Ping Pong will send it back and forth instead of looping.

The current color of the GameObject can also be used as the first color, no mater what you placed in it.

To create some randomness you can use the same setup everywhere, but on some you can begin with another element(Color) . More randomness with the same color sheme / setup can be achieved with ping pong and / or reverse.

If there is a Texture Map on your GameObject, Color Switcher will still work, and will tint it with the colors you set. The texture itself will not be changed. If the colors are to dark, you will not notice any change, because black for example is the darkest color already and can’t be red tinted.


★ Uses RGB Color Palette
★ Easy and quick to setup
★ Choose as much colors as you like
★ Set an Interval (time between the colors to switch in seconds)
★ Works on Multi-Materials(Map dependant)
★ Reversed (switch backwards)
★ PingPong
★ Fading (can fade between colors)

The Package contains a manual pdf and a Demo-Scene. Please watch the videos to see how it works.


unity asset color switcher interface octoman

Color Switcher Examples:

Police / Firetruck sirens

unity assets color switcher firetruck switch
Switching Colors
unity assets color switcher firetruck fade
Fading Colors

Working site signs & street arrows

unity assets color switcher street arrow switch octoman
Different Color Begin
unity assets color switcher working sign fade octoman
3 Color Fade

Weakpoints of enemiesFour Winged Space Enemy

unity assets color switcher four winged space enemy switch octoman
Four Winged Space Enemy

Christmas lights

unity assets color switcher christmas lights switch octoman
Multiple Colors

and so on….


Unity Forum: Link

Price & Download

Unity Asset Store Link: http://u3d.as/aGc

Price: $5

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