Unity Asset: Chattering Teeth

Did you ever wanted a chattering teeth as a monster, enemy or just as an environment filler?

Here you can get it! This is one of that wind up toys, you may came across in your childhood, youth or even now and then.

Requires Unity Version 5.3


★ 9 Animations included
★ uses Multi Materials only
★ No UV Maps! = Not Mobile Optimised!
★ 3 Different Eye Types
★ custmizable Look by Material & Forms
★ Dracula Add On Teeth
★ Pre-created Prefabs

Animation List:

★ Howl
★ Quick Bite
★ Triple Bite
★ Walk 1
★ Chattering 1
★ Chattering 2
★ Walk 2
★ Dead 1
★ Dead 2


Chattering Teeth Design your own!

Chattering Teeth Screenshot


Setup Video

Download Chomper – Chattering Teeth

On site shop: Here

CG Trader: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/other/chattering-teeth-chomper

Unity Asset: Four Winged Space Enemy

four winged space enemy unity asset octoman iconThis is a Four Winged Space Enemy. This model is designed to be an Enemy for Games like Space/ Top Down/ Rail Shooter.
It can also be used for ANY other game type like for Jump ‘n Runs and so on.



four winged space enemy unity asset octoman 01

3D Model – Four Winged Space Enemy:

For Shots you could use a Copy/Prefab of ShotSpot01 or just use anthing you like.
Just add ShotPoints for it or use the ShotSpot01 or anything you like.

There are 2 Models: unmodified and modified for the Demo Scene.
The modified already have events in the animations Tab & all animations are set.

Script: ChangeColorOrangeRed:

This Script changes 2 Colors after a given amount of time(resetTime) in seconds.
In the Demeo Scene it is set to Weakpoint001-004, Shotspot01 and Engine01 of the model Enemy001.
You can always change the colors as you like to. Same with the resetTime. So the can swap faster or slower.


There are 4 Animations in the Model:

Rotate Left
Rotate Right


four winged space enemy unity asset octoman 04 four winged space enemy unity asset octoman 05

unity assets color switcher four winged space enemy switch octoman

Live Demo:


Preview #01

Preview #02


★ Polys: 1260 / Tris: 2500
★ Animations: Idle, Shoot, Rotate Left, Rotate Right
★ Texture: TGA – 2k

★ Script: Weakpoint Color Change.
★ Now working with mechanim.


CG Trader Link: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/aircraft/other/animated-four-winged-space-enemy

Buy here:

Unity Version: 5.3



Unity Asset: Simple Quest Manager

Simple Quest Manager is an easy to setup and quick solution to create your own quests for your games in minutes.



★ Create your quests directly in the Inspector
★ No coding required
★ Quests can be taken and completed by differend NPC’s
★ You can create Chain Quests (unlock quests by completing others)
★ Currently only 1 Questobjective supported
★ You can save/load all Quests and their states at any point you want.
★ QuestObjectives are updated with just one line of code.

★ Rewards need to be setup on your own, depending on your systems like inventory/exp/currency

★ 1 Demo Scene (see Image above)
3d Models included:
★ 1 Low Poly Chara (walk and idle) 1 LowPoly NPC (wink anim)
★ 1 Low Poly Tree
★ 1 Low Poly Barn
★ 1 Low Poly Fence
★ 1 Low Poly Key


Just 6 Scripts are driving the complete System.


Demo Video

Setup Guide

coming soon….

Setup Guides

Documention & Manual


coming soon….

Price & Download

Shop Link: Get it here!

3D Model: Hydraulic Excavator EC 180

This is a rigged and animated hydraulic excavator with a rather low polycount. All important pieces are UV-Mapped, some just use materials, like cables, hydraulic pipes. Also i added 2 basics scripts to steer the excavator.



★ 11649 polys
★ Rigged & Pre-animated
★ Basic Script for Movement & Working
★ Diffuse + Normal Map 4096px
★ 5 Animations
★ Uses Mechanim
★ already working Prefab


★ BigArm Open/Close
★ SmallArm Open/Close
★ Shovel Open/Close
★ Rotate Top 360°
★ Door Open/Close
All cables are rigged and baked into the existing animations.
The model used 5 different materials, because not all elements are unwrapped! If needed i unwrap needed pieces too.


The scripts provide:
★ Working Mode / Driving Mode (Button TAB)
★ Open / Close Door (F Button)
In Drive Mode:
★ Turn Left Forward / Backwards(Q & A Buttons)
In Working Mode:
★ Big Arm Up / Down (W & S Button)
★ Small Arm Up / Down (Arrow Up / Down)
★ Shovel Up / Down (Arrow Left / Right)
★ Rotate Upper Part (A & D Buttons)
Those scripts are not smoothly optimised, just a base to begin with!


drivingpromo doorpromo bigarmpromo switchpromo smallarmpromo shovelpromo rotatepromo



Unity Forum: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/3d-model-hydraulic-excavator-ec-180-wip.424785/

Price & Download


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Unity Asset: Color Switcher

Color Switcher is a small script written in C#.

Color Switcher will switch or fade through as many main colors of GameObject/ 3D-Models as you like with a given interval between the colors. Color Switcher has a Editor Script which makes it easier to handle all inputs. You can enable several Color Switcher at the save time for syncing them in runtime. You can reverse the order  depending on the Element you start.

Color Switcher will loop through all given colors until you stop it. For Example it starts at Color 1 , goes through all following and once completed it starts again at Color 1. Ping Pong will send it back and forth instead of looping.

The current color of the GameObject can also be used as the first color, no mater what you placed in it.

To create some randomness you can use the same setup everywhere, but on some you can begin with another element(Color) . More randomness with the same color sheme / setup can be achieved with ping pong and / or reverse.

If there is a Texture Map on your GameObject, Color Switcher will still work, and will tint it with the colors you set. The texture itself will not be changed. If the colors are to dark, you will not notice any change, because black for example is the darkest color already and can’t be red tinted.


★ Uses RGB Color Palette
★ Easy and quick to setup
★ Choose as much colors as you like
★ Set an Interval (time between the colors to switch in seconds)
★ Works on Multi-Materials(Map dependant)
★ Reversed (switch backwards)
★ PingPong
★ Fading (can fade between colors)

The Package contains a manual pdf and a Demo-Scene. Please watch the videos to see how it works.


unity asset color switcher interface octoman

Color Switcher Examples:

Police / Firetruck sirens

unity assets color switcher firetruck switch
Switching Colors
unity assets color switcher firetruck fade
Fading Colors

Working site signs & street arrows

unity assets color switcher street arrow switch octoman
Different Color Begin
unity assets color switcher working sign fade octoman
3 Color Fade

Weakpoints of enemiesFour Winged Space Enemy

unity assets color switcher four winged space enemy switch octoman
Four Winged Space Enemy

Christmas lights

unity assets color switcher christmas lights switch octoman
Multiple Colors

and so on….


Unity Forum: Link

Price & Download

Unity Asset Store Link: http://u3d.as/aGc

Price: $5

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Unity Asset: Clown Fish

Also known under the name “Amphiprion Ocellaris” or “false Clown Fish” is a tropical marine fish found in parts of Asia and Australia. The Clown Fish lives in salty water, so don’t mix em with the wrong fish.

Clown Fish Promo OctoMan

This model consists of only 350 Polygons. The Clown Fish is fully rigged, with the exception of the dorsal fins. Currently there is only one swimming animation. If you need more animations, please ask. You are free to create your own animation and use those.

Furthermore this package has a schooling / flocking system. This means that the Clown Fish, with 2 supplied scripts, has the ability to form flocks, to join swarms and avoid other fish. In addition, he always swims away from other collision objects once it encounters them.

Following *.GIF is 5MB. Please let it load for a small preview.
Clownfish Tank Animation Closeup2 OctoMan


★ 350 Polys
★ Diffuse + Normal Map 2048px
★ Fully Rigged except dorsal fin
★ Schooling / Flocking Scripts
★ Fully Rigged except dorsal fins
★ 1 Swim Animation
★ Uses Mechanim
★ 2 Scripts needed for schooling
★ 1 Aquarium Tank Prefab (made in Unity)



Price & Download


Unity Asset: Maron V1 – 3D Model

Maron V1 is designed to be an Enemy for Games like RPG’s, CCG’s, Platformer.
It can also be used for ANY other game type like for Shooter and so on.

But it also could be your main character.

unity asset maron v1 octoman

Texture and Materials:

There are 3 2k Diffuse Color Maps (*.TGA). Skin , Blue and Green Color.
As Material use a Specular Material, since there is specularity on the glasses.
(expamle: Bumped Specular)




There are currenly 10 Animations in the Model. More might come later on.



unity asset maron v1 idle octoman


unity asset maron v1 walk octoman

get hit left:

unity asset maron v1 get hit left octoman

get hit right:

unity asset maron v1 get hit right octoman

get hit top:

unity asset maron v1 get hit top octoman

get hit bottom:

unity asset maron v1 get hit bottom octoman

dizzy right:

unity asset maron v1 dizzy right octoman

dizzy left:

unity asset maron v1 dizzy left octoman


unity asset maron v1 attack octoman


unity asset maron v1 dead octoman

Animation Type: Generic
Avatar definition: Create from this Model
Root Node: Point001

Add an Animator Component on Maron (or use the Mecanim) and use them however you need/like to.


Screenshots of Maron V1

unity asset maron v1 green octoman unity asset maron v1 blue octoman unity asset maron v1 default octoman


none yet

Live Demo:

none yet

Download Maron

Price: $8

Unity Asset Store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/21950

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Unity Asset: Level Manager Plus

Level Manager Plus Showcase 01

Level Manager Plus  is the advanced version of Level Manager. This version supports alot by purchasers requested features. Level Manager Plus is easy to setup, requires no coding (except you want to add more features) and works with Unity 4.6+. It is written in C#.

So Level Manager Plus is:

a Level Selector which creates Levelbuttons & WorldButtons dynamicly created from prefabs to load your game levels and switch beteeen worlds. It makes use of the new Unity UI Canvas System.
The package contains a DemoScene and 7 Level Scenes for 2 different worlds to test around. World 1 has 2 Levels, World 2 has 5 Levels.

a Level Unlocker which unlocks new levels after saving, so the next level will be unlocked. If a worlds last level has been completed and saved, it will unlock the next worlds first level. If there is none, it will just save the score.
It uses PlayerPrefs to save scores and the next level to be unlocked.

a Level Saver since it provides a dynamic save system for score, and levels to be unlocked.

You are able to choose any kind of layout group in Level Manager Plus. So you can use the Horizontal Layout Group, the Vertical Layout Group and as seen in the screenshot below, the Grid Layout Group.

The package contains a DemoScene and 7 Level Scenes for 2 different worlds. World 1 has 2 Levels, World 2 has 5 Levels.

Make sure you read the whole setup guide. Anything unclear? Write me a mail or use the Contact Form.

Features in Level Manager Plus

★ World Integration (*New*)
★ Supports Images on Buttons (*New*)
★ Levelnumbers are set automatically set (*New*)
★ Worlds and Levels can be named (*New*)
★ Free Lock & Worldsymbol Grafics (*New*)
★ The Saver now can use the name of any LevelManager Scene (*New*)
★ Easy Save Game Delete using a bool. (for debug purposes) (*New*)
★ Shows the last Worlds LevelSelect Panel after finishing a Level (*New*)

★ Easy to setup
★ works in 4.6+ (new UI)
★ coded to work in 5.3 (SceneManager)
★ integrated star system
★ integrated dynamic save & load system
★ Free 9-Sliced PSD for Panels and Backgrounds

Info Video

Setup Video

Screenshots of Level Manager Plus

Level Manager Plus Manager Filled OctoMan Level Manager Plus World1 OctoMan Level Manager Plus World2 OctoMan

Download Level Manager Plus

Have you purchased Level Manager already?
If so, you can upgrade to Level Manager Plus for 10$ in the Unity Asset Store!