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Unity Asset: Maron V1 – 3D Model

Maron V1 is designed to be an Enemy for Games like RPG’s, CCG’s, Platformer.
It can also be used for ANY other game type like for Shooter and so on.

But it also could be your main character.

unity asset maron v1 octoman

Texture and Materials:

There are 3 2k Diffuse Color Maps (*.TGA). Skin , Blue and Green Color.
As Material use a Specular Material, since there is specularity on the glasses.
(expamle: Bumped Specular)




There are currenly 10 Animations in the Model. More might come later on.



unity asset maron v1 idle octoman


unity asset maron v1 walk octoman

get hit left:

unity asset maron v1 get hit left octoman

get hit right:

unity asset maron v1 get hit right octoman

get hit top:

unity asset maron v1 get hit top octoman

get hit bottom:

unity asset maron v1 get hit bottom octoman

dizzy right:

unity asset maron v1 dizzy right octoman

dizzy left:

unity asset maron v1 dizzy left octoman


unity asset maron v1 attack octoman


unity asset maron v1 dead octoman

Animation Type: Generic
Avatar definition: Create from this Model
Root Node: Point001

Add an Animator Component on Maron (or use the Mecanim) and use them however you need/like to.


Screenshots of Maron V1

unity asset maron v1 green octoman unity asset maron v1 blue octoman unity asset maron v1 default octoman


none yet

Live Demo:

none yet

Download Maron

Price: $8

Unity Asset Store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/21950

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