Memory Game Manager

Create your own Memory / Matching Game in minutes, with this easy to setup asset pack.

Unity Version: 5.6+


Create your own Memory / Matching Game in minutes, with this easy to setup asset pack.

Code is already commented out.

Requires Unity 5.6.2 or higher.

Game Goal:
Find and match all card pairs until the field is completed.Memorize the cards you have already seen to clear the playfield as fast as possible

Brief Setup:
★ Just setup your Game Scene how you want it to look using the Canvas System.
★ Create a Grid Layout Group which will hold the cards later on, and set it up to your needs
★ Use any Sprites you like as your outer and inner side of cards.
★ Create a Button Prefab to make use of.
★ Setup the Card Manager with the sprites to use, the amount of pairs you want to play and that’s it.

★ 1 CardAtlas with 15 Cards and 1 CardBack already in.
★ Timer integrated
★ Combo System integrated
★ Score System integrated




External Shops


Links to Unity, Cubebrush, CG Trader Udemy… and so on….


1.) Choose Random Sprites

1.) Create a new List under the spriteList

 private List <Sprite> hiddenSpriteList = new List<Sprite>();

2.) In FillPlayField() before ShuffleCards() put in:

 //add all sprites to the hidden sprite list
         foreach (Sprite spr in spriteList)

3.) Inside ShuffleCards() after int num = 0;

 int spr_num = 0;

4.) Inside ShuffleCards after num++

 //choosen a random sprite index
             spr_num = Random.Range(0, hiddenSpriteList.Count);

5.) Inside the for loop comment out this line like this:

 //temp.cardFront = spriteList[num - 1];

6.) After that put in:

 //choose a random sprite from the list
                 temp.cardFront = hiddenSpriteList[spr_num];
                 // remove the sprite from the hidden list when j==1 (2nd run)
                 if (j == 1)

7.) Enjoy!

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