Road Roller RR 57

3D Model: Road Roller RR 57

Unity Version: 5.6.2f1

Ready to Flatten Things? Here comes the Road Roller RR 57.


This is a rigged and animated Road Roller with a rather low polycount. All important pieces are UV-Mapped. This Road Roller has a physical setup so it will react to the ground and of course to other objects.

★ 14.094 polys
★ Rigged & Pre-animated
★ Script for Movement
★ Diffuse + Normal Map 4096px
★ Left/Right Steer Animations
★ Uses Mechanim
★ already working Prefab

All cables are rigged and baked into the existing animations.

The model uses 2 different materials, because the drum needs a different setup!

The script provides:
★ Moving Forwards / Backwards
★ Moving Left and Right



There is no Documentation needed for it at the moment.

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Unity: not available

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