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Unity Asset: Clown Fish

Also known under the name “Amphiprion Ocellaris” or “false Clown Fish” is a tropical marine fish found in parts of Asia and Australia. The Clown Fish lives in salty water, so don’t mix em with the wrong fish.

Clown Fish Promo OctoMan

This model consists of only 350 Polygons. The Clown Fish is fully rigged, with the exception of the dorsal fins. Currently there is only one swimming animation. If you need more animations, please ask. You are free to create your own animation and use those.

Furthermore this package has a schooling / flocking system. This means that the Clown Fish, with 2 supplied scripts, has the ability to form flocks, to join swarms and avoid other fish. In addition, he always swims away from other collision objects once it encounters them.

Following *.GIF is 5MB. Please let it load for a small preview.
Clownfish Tank Animation Closeup2 OctoMan


★ 350 Polys
★ Diffuse + Normal Map 2048px
★ Fully Rigged except dorsal fin
★ Schooling / Flocking Scripts
★ Fully Rigged except dorsal fins
★ 1 Swim Animation
★ Uses Mechanim
★ 2 Scripts needed for schooling
★ 1 Aquarium Tank Prefab (made in Unity)



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Clown Fish
USD 10
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