Mining Truck 789D

This is a rather Low Poly 3D Model of a Mining Truck 789D. Those are sometimes also named Dump Truck.

Unity Version 5.6+

Excluding 19% tax


It is already set up to drive around with Wheel Colliders in a physical manner.

There is also an Animation involved to open the Cargo Area. It is pre-animated because the Hydraulics are usually not easy solved by code.

★ PolyCount: 10462
★ Movement & Cargo Scripts
★ Wheel Collider Setup
★ Prefab already set up
★ Uses Mechanim

★ W – Forward
★ S – Backwards
★ A – Left
★ D – Right
★ E – Cargo Up
★ Q – Cargo Down
★ Space – Break


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Cubebrush: Not yet


Excluding 19% tax