Pachinko – Lucky Hit

Pachinko – Lucky Hit – Collectable Capsule Toys

In Pachinko – Lucky Hit you can earn Hongkong Dollars and collect different Balls and Capsule Toys.

★ 15 Collectable Pachinko Balls.
★ Chinese / Japanese Ambient
★ 3 Lucky Hit Boards to Play

Coming Soon
– More Collectable Capsule Toys
– More Lucky Hit Boards
– Unlockable Feature – Higher Odds

How to Play Pachinko
– Select a board you want to play
– Set your bet
– Drag your pachinko ball left or right.
– Press ‘Drop’
– Win by landing your ball in the circle goal!

This game is inspired by the Shenmue series in which you can collect capsule toys and play Pachinko – Lucky Hit.

Start to collect you first Pachinko ball today!

Download & Price

Game Details
Genre: Puzzle
Cost: Free to Play
Platforms: Google Play

Google PlayStore:

Color Maze *WIP*

The concept of Color Maze is to bring all your figures into the goal to complete the levels. Time is a factor which calculates how many stars you get in the end.

The game is still WIP and will be free to play for the first Levels on Android. You can buy the full version later on. The name of the game might change later on.

To make progress in the game you have to:

  • open colored doors
  • use Elevators and Moving Platforms
  • and much more later (teleporters, laser gates planned)

Developement Blog

Check out all news about Color Maze here:

Color Maze Development Blog

Press Kit

coming soon…

Story & Idea:

Story? Non at the moment. Do i need any?

★ complete the mazes as fast as possible
★ open colored doors using switches
★ have multiple figures to solve riddles with
★ 10 Levels & tutorials free to play

Game Name

Currently i don’t have any game name. Meanwhile i will use “Color Maze” as a placeholder.
I will add a Brainstorming / Mindmap soon here i guess.


This was the first Prototype for Color Maze. If you don’t see anything, let the page load a bit.

I also tested how it could look when i would use a character in Color Maze, but the problem is, the Player might not be able to see or actually feel a diffence.

I added a “Multiplayer” design to Color Maze, so you have to switch inbetween charaters. It still is a 1 Player game.

Elevators working nicely and give more possibilitys for riddles in the Color Maze. The can also be used as moving platforms, so the player can use them to go over gaps, if there are any platforms available.

Thats how a level design looks directly in Unity. I make use of some Editor Scripting to see things better. This makes it easier for me to create more Color Maze levels.

I used my Level Manager Plus Asset (you can also purchase it if you need it) to create my Level Select Menu. In addition i added a “mastered” medal to schow, the player has all stars reached.


This game will become available for Android in the Google Playstore once in Beta.

Release date

None yet… I’m still working on the levels 1-10

Zombie Idle *WIP*

Infect the world in this incremental idle game. The game is still WIP and will be free to play on Android. The name of the game might change later on.

Story & Idea:

You work in a little lab and breed species in petri dish.
★ Upgrade petri dish size, breed rate and so on.
★ Sell species once you earned some, to make money.
★ Manage your earnings.
★ Discover new species.
★ Upgrade your Lab.
★ Use Booster for faster progress.
★ Infect the world reduce the mankind to zero.
★ And many more…

Ideas for possible game names:

★ Infected
★ Infector
★ World Infector
★ Zombie Idle

Project Info’s / Change Log:

  1. 05 January 2017 – Project started (Concepting)
  2. 06 January 2017 – 2D GUI Layout & first species created
  3. 08 January 2017 – Basic Species System almost completed in Unity
  4. 09 January 2017 – First Upgrade Elements started
  5. 10 January 2017 – Sitting over exel tables to figure formulas

First Screenshots:


Other Media:

Release Date:

Early 2017.

Demo / Download:

Not yet available!!!


I’m always happy about constructive feedback. Feel free to use my Contact Page for this.