Measure Tool

Since Unity does not provide a measure tool for 3D Object’s i created one. You can watch the ~35 minutes tutorial about it or just purchase it here.

Unity 5.6+

Excluding 19% tax



★ measure 3D Object Sizes
★ measure in centimeter, meter or inch
★ Set Colors based on the Models for better visualization

How To Use

  1. Drag the Prefab in the Scene
  2. Position it next to 3D Object / Model you want to measure
  3. Drag the arrow Left/ Right or Up/Down for vertical measure
  4. Rotate the tool if needed for vertical measure or diagonals
  5. Change Show mode, Color, Scale and Rotations directly in the Tool
  6. Done.


The tool in the inspector.

Measure Tool Unity OctoMan

Measure Tool Preview3 Unity OctoMan

Measure Tool Unity Preview2 OctoMan

Live Preview

Excluding 19% tax