Online learning is one of the ways to success. No matter if game creation is your hobby or life. Evene if you are a company, online learning can help you grow your business or even create more value to your players.

So no matter what your aim is, i teach how to create different games with Unity in my Online Courses.

Since i have multiple courses online already, there might be some interesting Online Courses for you.

Here is a List of my Online Courses:

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Game Prototyping

I offer a Service where i create a Prototype of a game for you. This Service usually takes a lot time, based on the ideas you are after. I don’t create “everthing”.

How does it work?

First of you have to contact me and tell me everything about the game you want to create. Maybe it’s just part of a game or just a new system? No problem, i can even help with that.

Once i understand what you are after, with screenshots and stuff, i start to work on it.

Example: You want a space shooter. I create the prototype with all your requests.
Example: You want a Gachapon System. I create the base for it, so you just need to fill in Grafics.


Basic Systems: start at 249€
Small Game Prototypes: start at 499€

Usually i do pricing individually, based on the size of the Project.
Usually payment has to be done in advance, but can be split 50/50 in bigger ones.

3D Modelling

I offer the following 3D Models for your Games.
At the moment i can offer:

  • 3D Furniture Models
    • Furniture (Sofas, Desks, Chairs)
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • and many more….

All Models can be delivered PBR Ready / AR Ready.
All models will be created with realistic Textures.

The delivery format will be *.fbx or *.obj or *.dae
All Textures will be delivered in *.png based on the Roughness Unity Setup

  • Diffuse/Albedo
  • Normal
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Metallic
  • Roughness

How it works

You need to provide enough information about the model, like measurements and reference images. In about 2-3 working days you’ll get your 3D Model by Mail or a G-Drive Link to download it.

How can i assure that? I have a network of ~25 modeller working around the clock all over the world. I brief them and they deliver.


Payment and Pricing

Payment has to be done in advance by PayPal. Once the payment arrived, me or one of modeler is starting the work. If you need an invoice, i send it using PayPal, so you can use it to pay directly.


Simple Model (Desks, Sideboards): 99€ + 19% Tax (Germany)
= 117,81€

Medium Model:(Simple Sofas): 135€ + 19%Tax (Germany)
= 160,65€

Complex Models: (High Amount / Density): 159€ + 19% Tax (Germany)
= 189,21€

Unity Live Support

Are you struggeling with a Problem in Unity?
You want to learn new content or something specific in Unity?
You want to implemlement Unity Ads, IAP or any new system in Unity?

You can hire me now, for Live Support in Unity.

Contact me

Write me a message with your needs or ideas using my contact form. I’ll let you know if i’m able to help you out and how long i expect it takes to get it done. We plan the time, connect and start working.

If we are out of time, but close to finish we can add some free minutes to get it done if possible.

Tell me your time zone and suggest an appointment.

Payment and Pricing

Contact me now!

Price per hour: 50€ (EURO) (19% TAX excluded)
Payment has always to be made in advance by PayPal only.

There is no guarantee, that this price stays as is, so better hurry up and hire me today!
There is no money back guarantee or refund, except we haven’t started our session already.

If you need an invoice, i can hand it over afterwards or send one in front by using PayPal’s invoice system.

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OctoMan Games
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Hadou
Octoman is the best programmer to hire

Octoman is the best programmer to hire. I have been using his service for a few years now. he goes above and beyond to help with your problem and find some good Solutions. he is also very friendly and easy to learn from.

 by Fred Huffman
Octoman is a great programmer and a great guy

Octoman not only knows how to code well in Unity but he also is very friendly. He communicates well and truly tries to understand what you want in your game. Ontop of that he often goes above and beyond what you pay him for.

Needed Software & Hardware

Skype: needed to call you and talk to you.
Unity: of course needed to work with.
Unity Collab: I show you how to set it up and invite me to your team here.
Recommended: Unity Hub

Headset or at least Microphone and Speakers.