Online Training Overview

You want to be in the Game Industry? You want to learn how to create Games with Unity?
In my Online Training Unity Course you will learn how to create specific Games. You will have finished Games after completing those courses.

Here are some of my Unity Online Courses

Why you should take a Course?


Ever started a project but lost Motivation in completing it? Since i will show everything needed to create complete Games you can create your own in a couple of hours without stress. If you are struggling with anything, i’ll help you out.


Everything you learn can most of the time being useful for further projects. You can probably optimize Code in the future and meanwhile doing all steps together with me and you can repeat them, to remember them better later and make good use of them.

Here is my current course list. Start learning today!

Unity 5 Online Video Course: Memory Game

In this tutorial series you will learn how to create a memory game from scratch in Unity 5.6

In this Unity Video Course you will learn how to create your own Memory Game or Matching Game using the Unity Game Engine & Inkscape for the Grafics. For the functionality we write C# Code in Monodevelop.


  • You will learn the basics how you can create the cards on your own using Inkscape. You can also use any other software.


  • You will learn to create a new 2D Project in Unity and setup everything needed
  • I will show you how you can setup the playfield and organize it using the Canvas System which requires Unity 4.6+


  • We will put in functionality with scripts using Monodevelop and C# (you can also use Visual Studio)
  • Also we implement a Timer, Score, Turns and a Combo System for more User Experience

As a result of this course you should be able to create your own level with different sizes and cards for your Memory Game.

Level: Beginner
Video Course Length: ~3hours
Unity Version required: 4.6+

Get the course for only $9.99 by following this Link:

Color Maze – First Trailer

So here is the first actual gameplay trailer for Color Maze. The first release will be for Android in the Google App Store.

What’s done so far:

  • The first tutorial levels to get into the game.
  • The first 7 pen world levels with different difficulties.
  • The level select.
  • Mastery of level by aquiring all stars per world.

So stay tuned for more.